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Are you entitled to claim for TPD under your Super Policy?

If you are unable to work or return to full-time employment due to injury or illness you may have an entitlement to claim for a total or partial disability benefit provided under the insurance often taken out by your Superannuation fund.

What are the benefits available?

The benefits available will depend on what your Super Fund policy has agreed with its insurer, but the type of insurance generally provided for is a lump sum payment in circumstances of a member’s Total and Permanent Disability (TPD).

Sometimes there may also be a benefit for partial payment when a member becomes partially disabled which may be in the form of a pension or monthly payments paid for a set period. Here we answer some frequently asked questions to help you.

What if I had my disability before I joined the Superfund?

Importantly, because the insurance policy in not taken out by you but by your Super Fund, the Super Fund’s insurer may not usually require you to complete an application form at the time of becoming a member.

In this case, the TPD cover will operate to provide automatic cover to you on becoming a member of the Super Fund rather than having to apply and be accepted.

What this means, is that in some cases, you may still be covered for a pre-existing disability or illness where the disability or illness which causes you to stop work occurs while you are a member.

Does my disability have to be caused by work?

Entitlement to extra benefits under a Super Fund has nothing to do with whether your disability is related to your employment or the work you were doing when you became injured. For example, the disability may be due to terminal illness, heart problems or mental stresses unrelated to work.  If the disability was due to your work, a benefit entitlement may still exist.

What if I am receiving a pension or workers compensation payments?

Under a Super Fund, the entitlement to benefits or right to keep benefits will usually be unaffected by whether you have received compensation or damages from a court case or whether you are on a disability payment from Centrelink or Veteran Affairs.

Are there time limits?

Every Super Fund has different rules about claiming and eligibility, so it is important to seek advice as soon as possible to avoid being out of time.

Seek legal advice

Claims for benefits under insurance policies taken out by Super Funds involve knowledge and experience in a number of areas of the law. Contact us on 08 8210 5400 or email

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