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Australian Law Students Association Conference hosted by Flinders University

On 23 September 2016, our Principal, Dimitrios Georgiadis, was invited to present at the Australian Law Student Associations (“ALSA”) Conference, hosted by Flinders University.

ALSA is a national not-for-profit association comprising of all Law Student Societies and Associations across Australia. ALSA represents approximately 28, 000 law students in matters involving higher education, government, the legal profession, and the wider community.

The conference, a gathering of members of the ALSA executive, the ALSA committee and each president and vice president from the 37 Law Student Societies across Australia, was held to discuss current issues in legal education, and particularly, the large gap between tertiary education and the legal profession.

Dimitrios has long had a passion in giving young law graduates a start and was more than willing to provide his expertise in relation to what skills and qualities law firms look for in young graduates. A particular focus on the current legal landscape, skills and attributes law firms are looking for, the importance of client interaction, marketable qualities and digital disruption was discussed with students in attendance.

Dimitrios stressed the need for graduates to muster the confidence to knock on doors, to step out of their comfort zone, and to advertise their multifaceted skills in marketing and IT. Graduates must have the hunger to gain experience in as many areas of the law as they can and take on new opportunities at every chance they get.  Dimitrios reminded all graduates to not be held back by the fear of making mistakes, as long as you act with integrity and learn from them.

Georgiadis Lawyers welcomes young law graduates with open arms at any time of the year and understands the need to give young graduates a starting opportunity. If you have just finished your studies and looking for a firm to complete your GDLP placement, or are simply interested in work experience at Georgiadis Lawyers whilst studying, please contact our General Manager, Tony Waters, on (08) 8210 5405.

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