Purchasing, selling or leasing a property can be an exciting and sometimes daunting process. It is important that you obtain expert advice when entering into property transactions to ensure that you do not fall into the numerous pitfalls that others commonly do.

We can support and guide you through the complexities involved in property transactions so that you are fully aware of your rights, obligations, and any issues that need to be addressed. We are experienced in the challenges involved with leasing, purchasing and selling commercial property, property development and strata disputes, having advised national retail property owners, developers and landlords alike.

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We offer fixed fees on a variety of property-related issues including conveyancing matters.

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What is an Agreement to Lease?

When renting business related property, it is important for both landlords and tenants to understand the relationship they are entering into and the rights and obligations that they each have. The document that governs this relationship is usually a Commercial Lease.

A Commercial Lease gives the tenant an immediate right to take possession of premises and occupy those premises to the exclusion of all others, including the landlord or owner.

An Agreement to Lease is used prior to a Commercial Lease being signed in circumstances where there are things to be done before the landlord can give the tenant exclusive possession of the premises.

An Agreement to Lease documents each party’s rights and obligations and sets down all of the requirements that have to be satisfied prior to the terms of the actual Lease taking effect.

An Agreement to Lease can be very useful for both landlords and tenants and it is important to understand the relationship being entered into and the rights and obligations of each party.

Do I need a lawyer when buying property?

Buying a home is the biggest investment or financial outlay that most of us will make in a lifetime. It is critical to your financial future that you make well-informed decisions when you purchase a property, whether it be for your own home or an investment. It is imperative to seek legal advice before making such a huge decision.

What is the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG)?

Introduced in 2000, the FHOG is paid by the State Government to eligible first home owners. An application has to be submitted and approved by RevenueSA or an authorised financial institution by RevenueSA.

You will be eligible for the FHOG if you are considering purchasing or constructing a new residential property for the first time. The property must also have a market value of less than $575,000; this includes a house, unit, townhouse, flat or apartment.

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