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Criminal allegations generally carry serious consequences, which may have lasting impacts on you and your family. It is therefore crucial that you contact an experienced Criminal Lawyer to provide you with sound and sensitive advice as soon as possible.

We understand your concern over how potential penalties can impact your personal life and accordingly we actively minimise the impact that such criminal allegations may have for you. Our experienced Criminal Lawyers will fight for you to achieve the best possible outcome for each individual situation. In doing so, they pride themselves on providing a confidential and discreet service in all forms of criminal law activity.

Our Criminal Lawyers are here to help you.

What We Offer

  • Bail Applications
  • Drink Driving Offences
  • Drug Related Offences
  • Fraud
  • Guilty Pleas
  • Intervention Orders
  • Police Station Attendances
  • Restraining Orders
  • Serious Sexual Assault Offences
  • Traffic Offences
  • White-Collar Crime

Fixed Fees

We offer fixed fees for most criminal matters. Call us now to book a free first interview to see if we can offer fixed fees for your matter.


What is Bail?

Bail serves as an agreement between a party charged with a pending criminal offence and the court. The agreement stands as a commitment, allowing the accused to leave custody provided they attend all court proceedings and comply with the restrictive conditions imposed. Should the conditions of the agreement be violated, the charged person stands to forfeit a lump sum of money. Furthermore, they potentially face the revocation of the agreement, resulting in them returning to custody awaiting their proceedings.

A bail agreement can come with a variety of restrictive provisions such as requiring the defendant to report to a police station on a regular basis or being subject to home detention. These restrictions vary and are imposed depending on what is regarded as necessary. If accepted, the bail agreement persists until the matter is resolved or until it is revoked by the court for breach of a condition.

Is the use of Cannabis legal?

It is an offence to have possession of, or to smoke or consume, cannabis, cannabis resin or cannabis oil, or have possession of any equipment connected with smoking or consumption. The maximum penalty is a fine of $500.

If you or someone you know has been caught in the possession of cannabis or any other illicit drug, call us now. We can help you.

What is an Early Guilty Plea and how does it work?

Prior to March 2013, there was no incentive provided for a defendant to enter a plea of guilty at the earliest instance. Many defendants would unnecessarily prolong matters in order to avoid the eventuality of their sentence. There is now, however, a new legislated scheme which provides for the reduction of a sentence by up to 40% if a guilty plea is entered at an early stage with the Court. Put simply, the scheme acknowledges a defendant’s willingness to finalise proceedings by way of a guilty plea without unduly or unnecessarily wasting the Court’s time and resources.

Given the potential for a significant reduction of a sentence, it is highly important that legal advice is sought promptly after being arrested or receiving a summons so that the maximum discount credit of 40% (if applicable) is not forgone. Naturally, delays in seeking a solicitor or finalising legal aid funding can have a significant impact on the discount you will receive at the time of sentencing.

Please contact us urgently if you or someone you know has been charged with a criminal offence. In the event that you are entering a guilty plea, it is vitally important you receive legal advice as early as possible to preserve your discount credit and maximise any potential reduction of sentence.

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