Adelaide Criminal Lawyers for Driving Offences

Adelaide Criminal Lawyers for Driving Offences

You are presumed innocent until proven guilty. This is your right. Do not plead guilty or admit fault until you have spoken with an experienced criminal lawyer. You only need to comply with lawful directions to provide identifying information, such as fingerprints, mouth swabs, or demands to produce identification. Call 08 8210 5400 to speak with an expert criminal lawyer. 

You are innocent until proven guilty.

Innocent and hard working people sometimes make mistakes while driving. These mistakes end up costing money, time and even employment. In more serious cases, individuals may even forfeit their driver’s license after losing too many demerit points, pay extravagant fines or end up in jail.

Georgiadis Lawyers help good people in bad times.

Our experienced Adelaide Criminal and Traffic Lawyers will defend your rights. Do not admit guilt without taking advantage of our no obligation free thirty-minute consultation. You simply cannot afford to be without your car, truck or motorcycle.

We have built a reputation in the last thirty years for providing cost-effective, fixed fee legal representation to South Australian’s charged with both minor and serious driving offences. We also welcome Legal Aid and will seek costs from the Prosecution wherever possible.

How much will it cost to have a criminal lawyer defend me?

Georgiadis Lawyers knows that legal representation can be expensive and filled with uncertainty. However, our clients appreciate the certainty that comes with our fixed fee structuresL

Service Cost
Attending Adjournment Hearings $360.00
Negotiating with Prosecution $1,430.00
Police Station Attendance $360.00
Intervention Orders $1,650.00
Court Appearances $360.00
Disputing Bail $1,650.00
Simple Bail $990.00
Guilty Plea $1,650.00
Trial $3,500.00

What if I cannot afford a criminal lawyer?

The criminal lawyers at Georgiadis lawyers strongly believe that everyone deserves access to justice. Our knowledgeable staff will help you apply for Legal Aid funding. If you wish to be represented by Georgiadis Lawyers rather than an appointed lawyer, we can take on your case at no extra cost to you. To learn more about Legal Aid, and whether you are eligible for funding, please visit our Legal Aid page and complete an online Legal Aid Form prior to attending our office. If you are unable to print a Legal Aid Form, we will assist you in person.

What We Do

Our Adelaide Criminal Lawyers, Solicitors, and Barristers specialise in fighting driving offences and traffic tickets. Call us on 08 8210 5400 if you need a lawyer for minor and serious traffic offences including:

  • Applications for Reduction of Demerit Points;
  • Driving Without a License or Insurance;
  • Dangerous Driving & Dangerous Driving Causing Death;
  • Demerit Point Disqualifications;
  • Driving Without Due Care;
  • Driving While Disqualified;
  • Running a Red Light;
  • Failing to Give Way;
  • Drink/Drug Driving;
  • Speeding Tickets; and
  • Failing to Yield.

Our Promise to You

Georgiadis Lawyers is an Adelaide Criminal Law Firm that prides itself on preparing the best legal defence for clients. Our Criminal Lawyers and Traffic ticket experts will help you keep your license by preparing the best legal defence available. In cases where you stand to lose your license, we will assist the Court in understanding why you deserve one last chance.

Do not plead guilty without speaking to us first. You have nothing to lose from a free 30-minute consultation with one of our Adelaide Criminal Lawyers. Let thirty years of experience to work for you.  Our experienced solicitors will fight to see that you get justice and the best result achievable.

Georgiadis Lawyers have five locations to serve you

Our Criminal Lawyers can meet you at any one of our five locations below:

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